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Name:I am Groot

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I am Groot.

He is Groot. An eight-foot-tall walking tree with a limited vocabulary (though he can be very expressive with his limited words) who is gentle, fiercely loyal, and a bit of a mercenary. He is the muscle-slash-transport for Rocket Raccoon, and one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He uses his branches and limbs as weapons, tools, and furniture. He can grow flowers on himself (which are delicious) and also contains fireflies.

When he is tiny, he also dances.

Groot is a gentle giant. He appreciates beauty, giving flowers to young girls and providing light by releasing glowing spores from his body. He is protective of and fiercely loyal to his friends, even to people who are not quite his friends yet. He is a strong warrior, regrowing any limbs he might lose in a fight, and can be considered a walking battle tower. He has a deep voice, which he uses mostly to say, "I am Groot." (Or so it sounds to most people.) He also likes music and likes to dance.

Though I'll be using his GOTG characterization and backstory, I would like to use some of the comics canon that he is of the royal line on his home world and possibly is the last of his kind, that he is highly educated and skilled in engineering, and that he can be absorb wood as nourishment and be regrown from a sprig. It's possible that GOTG also uses the comics canon that he was exiled from his home world because he killed another sapling who was abusing a "maintenance mammal."

Due to his limited vocabulary, I'd like to convey his meaning through expressions, gestures, and if necessary, footnotes. As people get to know him, they'll find him easier to understand, though I am also okay with psychic characters understanding him more easily than non-psychics. (There is comics canon for this, with Jean Grey.) He and the Bar ought to get along well.

Groot is from "The Guardians of the Galaxy", and is the property of Marvel Studio. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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